HIOD Ultralight Carbon Fiber Bicycle Fork Rigid Disc Brake Straight Tube Fork,Brown,26

Price: £137.99

Ultralight carbon fiber fork

Material: T800 carbon fiber

Size: 26/27.5/29 inches

Weight: about 530g

Disc brake: support 160mm

Standpipe: straight


Vertical pipe diameter: 28.6mm

Appearance: 3K carbon fiber texture

Application: Mountain bike (sports, climbing)

Note: Before buying, please check the frame standpipe style. The straight pipe and the cone pipe are not compatible. Please check it before purchasing.

26/27.5/29 inches, suitable for most bicycle frames
Material: carbon fiber
Weight: about 550g
Carbon fiber material is a lighter material than aluminum, harder than steel and more resistant to corrosion.
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