selle ITALIA Men’s Flite 1990 Woven, Black, One size

Price: £61.59

CLASSIC – PERFECTION IS STYLE A marvellous combination of technology and elegance means that this range of saddles offers high performance levels without betraying the unrivalled vintage beauty of the materials and design.L1 – “Wide” intertrochanteric distance and low pelvic rotation Additional Information: – FIBRA-TEK saddle cover made of high-quality microfibre for long life and very low weight. – TITANIUM RAIL Ultra-light frame with highly resistant features, ø 7 mm. Clamp system: Patent Weight: 230 g Intended use: Road bike / Cyclocross Suspension system: without suspension Surface material: Synthetic Metal material: titanium Saddle Size Length: 280 mm Width: 146 mmClassic design
Fibrate cover
Titanium rails

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