Aesy Road Bike Sweat Guard for Mountain Bike Trainer Bicycle Sweat Net Catcher Frame Protector Cover with Phone Pouch

Price: £7.99

Road Bike Sweat Guard for Bike Trainer Bicycle Sweat Net Catcher Frame Protector Cover with Phone Pouch

Spring is coming, more and more people choose to riding on the indoor bike trainer. Enjoy virtual rides at home, climb mountains, sprint down famous stretches of road or ride inside a bubbling volcano. But sweat always drops onto the handlebars and the frame. Every time, you need to wipe the sweat from your bicycle repeatedly. You are worried that your nice bike will be rusting. Aesy upgraded bike sweat net with phone pouch can not only saves your frame and bottom bracket from the corrosive sweat, also keeps your phone training apps handy without getting the phone sweaty. Enjoy your workout on cold and rainy days inside.

☆Question: Would this work for any road bike / mountain bike?
Answer: YES. The length is adjustable from 55cm/21.65 inches to 85cm/33.5 inches, I believe it does fit most road and mountain bikes.

☆Question: Will phone pocket hold an iPhone 6 7 8 Plus XS XR?
Answer: YES, it’s compatible with iPhone 6 7 8 Plus X XS XR.

☆Question: Do you really have to hand wash this?
Answer: Just throw it in the shower and rinse it. Just be careful about washing it with other clothes: the Velcro will stick to and get all crazily bunched up with clothing in the wash.

☆Question: How does this connect to the seat post?
Answer: It is an elastic type band that stretches over the seat. The front handlebar loops are velcro. Easy on & off for transitioning between bikes.Nice phone pouch, Upgraded bike trainer sweat guard add-on a nice Phone pocket, you’re able to control your TRAINING APPS (like ZWIFT) throughout workouts.
Dual-layer Protect bike, Sweat-absorbing Mesh cloth & Waterproof Diving cloth catch and hold most of the sweat, saves your frame and bottom bracket from the corrosion of heavy sweat. Also it helps minimize the amount of cleaning after a hard workout.
Easy to attach and remove for transitioning between road, indoor and washing via adjusting velcro straps & stretchy elastic.
Scientific Size, usually your knees do not hit the fabric even when doing some stand ups or intervals. You can enjoy your training during the winter months and rainy days.
Economic and Environmentally friendly, our bike sweat protector can be washed and used repeatedly. For longer use, it is better to hand wash below 40°C.

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