Aiming Chain Mountain Road Bicycle Chain Cover Plastic Guard Cover Lightweight Bike Accessories

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This mountain bike chain guard is used to prevent the chain damaing the surface frame rear bike while driving.

This road bike chain cover is easy to install that you can simply use the two plastic ties inside tie on the rear backrest frame.

This bike chain cover uses thick rubber to do, thus the bike chain won & # 39; t be damaged by it.

You can easily remove this bike chain guard to quickly clean it.It is a reusable and practical tool to use.

This chain guard won & # 39; t adds no load for your transport because it is lightweight and won & # 39; t add too much weight on the bike.


Material: Rubber

Color: Show as picture

Size: 225 mm.


There may be little color distortions due to different computer resolutions.

Please allow slight errors due to different hand measurement.

Package Included:

1 x Chain cover.

Package includes:

.This mountain bike chain protector can protect your bicycle back frame from being scratched by the chain while driving.
This bike chain cover is made of thick rubber which is soft and will not damage your chain.
This road bike chain cover is easy to install and use the loop two wires inside to easily attach to
This bike chain protector is easy to remove and quickly clean, so it can be reusable.
This lightweight chain protector is that it will not add to the amount of weight on your bike, so it does not add any load for your journey.

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