ZXCETZY Electric Car Front Baby Safety Seat Folding Bicycle Mountain Bike Seat Belt Fence Baby Child Seat

Price: £82.99

Product description

Features :
★ Thick padded sponge cushion for optimal comfort.
★ Anti-slip handrails for a better grip to increase stability and safety.
★ The rugged aluminum tube can support a maximum weight of 60 kg (132 lb).
★ Universal foot protector, to avoid contact with the wheels.
★ The front seat of the bike allows you to watch your child and the road.


Frame material: high quality carbon steel aluminum alloy.
Product cushion: cartoon sponge wooden cushion plastic cushion
Product style: full fence
Product load: 60kg.
Recommend age: 8 months-7 years

List of packages
1 x bicycle safety seat▶ Material: made of high quality carbon steel pipe and rugged aluminum alloy that can support a maximum weight of 60 kg (132 lb). Lightweight and durable
▶ Safe and comfortable: the thick pad provides comfort, the non-slip mesh handrails breathe freely and absorb sweat.
▶ Binding time with the bicycle: you can see your child without stopping or turning around, and you can have a conversation without screaming. Because the child is right in front, they also have a great view of everything that is happening ..
▶ Front frame: this front bike seat allows you to monitor your child and the road at the same time. Many passengers prefer the front seats because it is easier to interact with your child in front of you ..
▶ Easy to install: the bicycle seat mounted on the front is generally lighter and easier to install / remove. Applicable to most types of bicycles such as mountain bikes and fitness bikes.

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