Bicycle locks five digit locks burglar lock lock frame mountain bike lock anti-theft steel cable lock – Orange

Price: £5.17

The locking frame fixing groove can be matched with the lock rack to fix the steel cable lock on the bicycle seat rod.
ABS material lock rack, with slip skid pad, can accommodate most of the caliber.
Powder / Blue / Green / orange / Black multicolor optional, with your bicycle.
Strong cable, anti sawing, anti smashing, anti prying lock, safe.

Color:Black, red, purple, green, blue, pink
Material: steel

Package included:
1* Bicycle lockThe locking frame fixing groove can be matched with the lock rack to fix the steel cable lock on the bicycle seat rod.
ABS material lock rack, with slip skid pad, can accommodate most of the caliber.
Powder / Blue / Green / orange / Black multicolor optional, with your bicycle.
Strong cable, anti sawing, anti smashing, anti prying lock, safe.

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