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Price: £64.08

Cycling,as a healthy and convenient form of transport, we believe cycling should be a regular part of most people’s lives.That’s why We concentrates on creating innovative equipment for recreational, commuting, and touring cyclists.

Durable solid aluminum alloy bicycle cargo rack
High Quality Bike Cargo Rack Rear Seat With 10kg Load-Bearing
Delicate Appearance Design Smooth lines and matte black design,give you a simple and elegant riding experience.

Load: Safe load 10KG.
solid aluminum alloy cycling luggage rack
This is a durable, solid aluminum alloy bike carrier rack for long distance touring.Great ideal for cycling enthusiasts,long distance touring,can attach most panniers/trunk bags.

✔ Nice Design-For the bike to hold the luggage, bag, cargo for item transport.With “W” shaped side bars protect frame, avoid your luggage scratching by the wheel.The pair of lower forks are adjustable based on your bike, which provides added security.
✔ Material-Made with high quality aluminum alloy which have high strength and not easy to fade, durable and sturdy.
✔ 3-POINT LOAD-BEARING DESIGN-Load-bearing more uniform.Detachable reflector, more safe and convenient
✔ Suitable for- Aluminum alloy material , Suitable for most bicycles, Such as road bike, mountain bike, fat bike, etc. (Kids’ bike and Trek Verve can not be used ) .
✔ Easy Installation- Can be successfully installed into an bicycle in just a few time by only a few tools which can remove the crankset .

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