Vitus Smoothy Balance Bike – 12″ Wheel Blue – Balance Bikes


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The Smoothy features a unique cast Magnesium frameset that’s extremely functional and visually awesome. Within the design, Vitus has incorporated a useful carry handle for Mum & Dad, and some integrated footrests for that game-changing moment when your child has the confidence to glide. Smooth and Reliable Performance Vitus has taken inspiration from their adult bikes for the steering controls, with the headset upper and lower bearings making the steering control smooth and reliable, with 20mm of spacers under the stem allowing you to fine-tune the height of the handlebars. A shorty stem and quality set of aluminium handlebars with a slight back sweep, and some soft and comfortable TRP grips round out the front of the bike. Comfortable and Secure Agility and Control Saddles are often overlooked on balance bikes, but not here. Vitus has a specially designed balance bike saddle that features a ‘scoop’ shape so your child will be sat in the correct position all of the time. This ensures they can steer effectively and are positioned perfectly, giving themselves the best possible chance of balancing effectively. Also, the seatpost is fully height adjustable allowing room for growth Lightweight, Dependable and Cool Balance Bike The lightweight wheels feature a set of premium aluminium 12 spoke hubs, helping to keep weight to a minimum, and giving the bike a very cool look. Plus, the wheels are fitted with CST IRONKID 12 x 2.1” tyres which have been carefully chosen to deliver excellent rolling capability on both hard and soft ground, so the bike remains efficient to glide no matter what the surface. Please Note: To continue to strive to make better and safer products we are in the process of removing all valve dust caps from the Vitus Smoothy. We felt like this was the right thing to do with the potential (no matter how small) of the caps being a choking hazard to small children. Warning: This balance bike is suitable for children of age 3+ Maximum load weight: 30kg Children should wear a safety helmet at all times Carry out regular visual inspections to the bike ensuring all bolts are tightened to the recommended torque settings Extreme uses (e.g. jumps) are not recommended with this bicycle Never leave a child on this bicycle without supervision Please find the detailed assembly and safety instructions for this bike HERE.  

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