Bicycle wall rack and high security lock – bikeTRAP. Keep safe your bike !

Price: £72.95

bikeTRAP – High security lock and wall holder for 1 or 2 bicycles for use in community garages, backyards, storage rooms and similar spaces. The ultimate solution to protect your bike overnight thanks to its intrinsic resistence againts bolt cutters (the tool of choice of almost the 100% of bike thieves). Universal rack suitable for all bicycles disregarding their frame shape. Simple and confortable use: place your bike and secure it with the security bar just pressing at one of its ends. The device includes the wall rack, the security bar, two high-security keys and an kit with antitheft screws for a strong assembly on the wall. New version V4 2019.Antitheft lock and wall rack for bikes, all-in-one, resistant to bolt cutters.

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