Bike Phone Holder for any Smartphone, Won’t Break or Rust, Design Award Winning Universal Bicycle Mount for Phones With 4-6 Inch Screens, Compatible with Road & Mountain Bikes, and also Motorbikes & Scooters (Black – Bike Tie X, Handlebar Mount)

Price: £23.99 - £15.95

Why choose the “Bike Tie”?

1. Multiple Screen Sizes:
For any smartphone or GPS with a screen size of 4″ to 6″.

2. Protects your phone:
Most mounts are made of hard plastic that shake and vibrate your phone when riding. There is a good chance your phone will fall out, or at the very least, get scratched. The Bike Tie is made from high grade silicone that will never scratch or damage your device, and absorbs vibrations from riding.

3. No Moving Parts:
Most mounts attach using a metal screw. Metal rusts. The Bike Tie has NO metal parts to rust, & NO moving parts to break

4. Quick Release Mount:
The Bike Tie mount can be attached and removed in seconds. It can also be used as a phone case with a finger loop for one handed typing.

5. Mount Anywhere:
Not limited to handlebars. It mounts to any bar on the bike, including frame or seat post. Great for rear facing video of friends!
Can be mounted to a motorbike handle, baby pushchairs, shopping trolleys, etc.

6. Full Access to Camera & Buttons:
Allows use of the phone camera while riding. Also full access to all phone buttons.

7. Award Winning Design:
Awarded the 2016 International “iF Design Award” for industrial design. A highly practical device, and patented for its unique quick release system.

8. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee:
Smartphones aren’t cheap. Your phone deserves a mount that holds it securely, not damage or impede usage. The Bike Tie is the best. Try it and see.
If you don’t like it in any way, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Hold anything, mount anywhere.

NEW BIKE TIE “X” – Xtra Stretchy! Ingenious combination of silicone grades makes the top straps stretch enough to fit even 6″ phones in a case. But the bottom handlebar strap is firm and strong. The best of both worlds. Do you have a WATERPROOF case or bombproof OTTERBOX case? It’ll fit! No other silicone holder is as universal as the new Bike Tie X.

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