De Rosa 888 SuperKing E Frameset 2015 Road Frames

The SuperkingThe top of the range of De Rosa is enriched by a new set of frames: the 888 SuperKing. The Series 888 is formed by superking models “R”, “SR” and “E”. In particular, the model “E” (Matt Black) has been designed with the aim of integrating the battery of Campagnolos EPS and Shimano Di2 into the chassis, under the downtube by the BB. The ‘SuperKing 888 “E” is the result of collaboration between De Rosa designers and engineers from the large grouspet manufacturers. This union has made the first frame in the world that works seamlessly with Campagnolo EPS with the battery being completely hidden inside the frame, and rechargeable via a “plug” into the frame itself. The Shimano Di2 battery also sits in this slot. High Modulas Carbon frameThe 888 superking is characterized by a blend of 3 different types of composite fibres MR-60 (295 GPA/5800MPA), HR-40 (390GPA/4610MPA) and NGF’s 630GPA in addition to structural reinforcements at the points of greatest stress using high modulus fibers. The structure of the frame is certainly refined and advanced, intended to provide a low overall weight, high rigidity, but with a better absorption of vibrations. The 888 series is the world’s first SuperKing characterised by the vibration damping, unique and harmonious distributed uniformly through the structure of the rear seat tube and forks. Fully prepared and quality checkedRest assured that each frame is fully prepared and inspected by Wiggle's team of qualified bike mechanics to ensure your frame arrives in perfect condition. Find out which size fits you by clicking the size chart tab.

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