Litespeed T1 SL (Di2 Compatible – 2016) Road Frames

Litespeed T1 SL (Di2 Compatible - 2016)   Road Frames

High performance road geometryHigh performance road geometry with a 15% weight reduction from the 2015 T1, the new 2016 T1sl is Super Light. It's new innovative top tube is created from a single sheet of 6Al/4V titanium to make a unique multi-facted tapered tube that reduces weight and increases stiffness. Oversized, triple butted, asymmetric chain stays for maximum power transfer. Oversized and bi-axial oversized downtube provides maximum performance and stiffness. 44mm oversized headtube for precise handling. The T1sl is formed from the highest-quality titanium available, and Litespeed's cold-working makes it even better. While their competition settles for softer, more easily processed grades, they go above and beyond to deliver the most premium cycling-specific tubesets. Each tube of the T1sl is handbuilt from 6Al/4V or 3Al/2.5V titanium for a specific purpose. The top tube is rolled from one sheet into a unique multi-faceted, trumpeted shape, providing unmatched stiffness. An oversized bi-axially ovalized downtube (opposing ovals at either end) contributes to the stiffness. The chainstays are triple-butted for compliance, and single-pass welds tie it all together with increased strength. Litespeed Limited warrantyLitespeed offer a limited lifetime warranty with all their bikes and frames, for more info or to register your Litespeed click on the warranty link below. Warranty Registration Wiggle prepared and quality checked assured that each frame is fully prepped by Wiggle's team of qualified bike mechanics to ensure your bike arrives in perfect condition. Find out which size fits you by clicking the size chart tab.

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