WELDTITE Dirtwash Bike Cleaning Brush Set – Cycling Brushes for Brakes, Spokes, Frames, Tyres, Chains and Gears – Set of 3

Price: £8.99

CLEANS YOUR BIKE  – Whether you want to clean your frame or you want to dig deep into the hard to reach places, this set of brushes makes it much easier to clean your bike
BRAKES, SPOKES AND HARD TO REACH PLACES – The tapered brush makes easy work of those tricky to clean spots on your bike
FRAMES & TYRES – The dual pronged cycle brush wraps around your frame and bike tyres for effortless cleaning
CHAINS, COGS and GEARS – The sprocket brush breezes through built up dirt, grime and grease
NON-SLIP, SOLVENT-RESISTANT – Tapered and Frame/Tyre brushes have a heavy duty, moulded, easy grip, non-slip handle and robust nylon bristles

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