Ritte 8055 Track Frameset Track Frames

Ritte 8055 Track Frameset   Track Frames

The 8055Perhaps the most exciting evolution in bike racing at the moment is the fixed gear crit. Races like Red Hook are as exciting for spectators as they are grueling for racers, and the scene surrounding these races is electrifying. Taking just any track bike on the road however, won’t necessarily bring great results. So Ritte designed the 8055 to have the agility and pedal-clearance needed for riding fixed, but with a slightly more road-appropriate geometry. The 8055 is made from the highest-grade, double-butted 7005 aluminum, with TIG welds and hand-sanded to perfection. Wiggle prepared and quality checkedRest assured that each frame is fully prepped by Wiggle's team of qualified bike mechanics to ensure your bike arrives in perfect condition. Find out which size fits you by clicking the size chart tab.

Small Black

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