Commencal Ramones 12 Push Bike (2021) – One Size Green – Black


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At a younger age when not quite ready for a full-size pedal bike, a balance bike significantly helps with their awareness, confidence and control when riding bikes at a young age. Specially Designed for Smaller Riders This beginners bike features a specially designed frame with a low-slung top tube, so kids have more clearance around their calves, so their little legs can efficiently push them on their travels. It has also been designed to ensure the foot platform is large enough to accommodate their fast-growing feet. Kid Specific Handlebars, Grips and Disc Brake Ready Kitted out with adult-bike-looking graphics, handlebars and grips with narrower profiles for smaller hands, a skateboard style grip on the footpad area and 12″” chunky, high-grip tyres. Plus, it’s disc brake ready, so you can mount a rear brake to add an additional task for them to learn when their confidence starts to increase.

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